Michael Raskovsky

Michael Raskovsky’s background as a musician, engineer and producer was a perfect fit when, in 1990, a Pittsburgh radio station created a holiday album featuring area talent. Home For The Holidays became a runaway success benefiting local charities and led to a pair of follow-up albums. One of the artists used his contribution to completely refocus his career. His annual Christmas tour is still selling out Western Pennsylvania venues a quarter century later.

Raskovsky, in the meantime, left music behind, relocated to Austin, Texas and became an Apple expert.

But the generous spirit behind those albums was reawakened when a close friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Seemingly helpless in the face of this devastating news, Raskovsky recorded a few songs before the illness dimmed George Hill’s voice forever. One of the songs, Away In A Manger, became the basis for a three-song sampler that helped raise awareness and money for Parkinson’s research. In 2015, Raskovsky took step two of his new calling and produced 8 additional tracks for the CD and iTunes download Hope For Christmas. Calling on old friends and discovering new talent he has created a beautiful Christmas album that pairs incredible voices and memorable songs in support of a worthy cause.

Hope For Christmas is just that—the belief that the spirit of love and giving can triumph even when medicine has yet to prevail. It is his hope that you’ll enjoy this Christmas collection in the spirit it was created and explore ways you can help at Michael J Fox Foundation.


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