November 9, 2015

Tracks, credits and thanks




1) Lullay Lully – Emmie Chambers – 3:56
Vocals – Emmie Chambers

Piano and accordion – Chip Dolan
Guitar – Kyle Crusham
Engineers – Kyle Crusham, Michael Raskovsky

2) Light of the Stable – Jeff Jimerson – 3:11
Writer – Elizabeth & Steven Rhymer
Guitar, bass – Jeff Jimerson
Drums, percussion – Ron Krasinski
Keys – Herbie Schweitzer
Vocals – Jeff Jimerson, Alice McWreath, Herbie Schweitzer
Engineer – Dino Distefano

3) Away in a Manger – George Hill – 3:58
Vocals – George Hill
Guitars – Gary Reinsch, Garrett Jones, Kyle Crusham
Bass – Aaron Heiny
Dobro – Dillan Dostal
Engineers – Anthony Hardey, Michael Raskovsky

4) Santa Don’t Pass Me By – Bill Kirchen – 3:18
Writer – Huey P. Meaux
Vocals and Guitar – Bill Kirchen
Bass – Maurice Cridlin
Drums, harmony vocals – Jack O’Dell
Engineer – Jody Salino, Ira Grylack

5) River – Bre Jarvis – 3:23
Writer – Joni Mitchell
Vocals – Bre Jarvis
Guitar, bass – Kyle Crusham
Programming – Michael Raskovsky
Engineer – Kyle Crusham, Michael Raskovsky

6) Hallelujah – George and Geoffrey Hill – 3:46
Writer – Leonard Cohen
Guitars – Geoffrey Hill, Garrett Jones, Kyle Crusham
Bass – Garrett Jones
Violin – Danny Levin
Percussion – Michael Raskovsky
Engineer – Kyle Crusham, Michael Raskovsky

7) Christmas Bells – Emmie Chambers – 2:35
Vocals – Emmie Chambers
Guitar – Matt Read
Engineer – Anthony Hardey, Michael Raskovsky

8) Drummer Girl – Ruby James featuring Jon Crain – 3:15
Writer – Katherine K. Davis, Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone
Vocals – Ruby James
Guitar – Jon Crain
Bass – Yoggi Musgrove
Drums – Brannen Temple
B-3 and piano – Tim Gorman
Dobro – Kyle Crusham
Engineer – Marcus A. Trana, Kyle Crusham, Michael Raskovsky

9) First Noel – Corbin / Hanner – 2:27
Vocals – Bob Corbin, Dave Hanner
Guitar – Dave Hanner
Engineer – Dino Distefano

10) Nå Tennes Tusen Julelys – Sissil Towler – 3:26
Now Shine A Thousand Christmas Lights – Traditional Norwegian
Vocals – Sissil Towler
Guitar, bass, keyboards – Norman Towler
Percussion – Michael Raskovsky
Programming – Norman Towler, Michael Raskovsky
Engineer – Norman Towler, Michael Raskovsky

11) O Isuse Poljubljeni – Duquesne Tamburitizans – 4:00
Jesus Kissed Each of My Sons – Traditional Croatian
Instruments and vocals – Duquesne University Tambutitizans
Featured vocalist – Georgianne Spolarich
Recorded 1958 – Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA Walter W. Kolar arranger/director
Special thanks to Robert Vukic – Executive Director – Duquesne University Tamburitzans
From the original recording Christmas in Croatia DU-TAM Records

All songs produced by Michael Raskovsky for PowerSound Productions, except Santa Don’t Pass Me By and O Isuse Poljubljeni.
All songs mastered by Stephen A. Hart – Mixroom, Petaluma CA except Santa Don’t Pass Me By – Joe Carrol, Treehouse, Austin TX

Special Thanks:
Michael J. Fox Foundation – for doing what they do to make Parkinson’s a memory
Gary & Sharon Reinsch – for the hospitality, creative environment and profound generosity
Bill Farrell – for “getting it”, making us laugh and understanding the impact when you pay it forward
Steve Hansen – for the eloquent way he makes my thoughts make beautiful sense
Gary Marince – for knowing how and when to push me to success
George and Janet Hill – for permitting me to invade their lives, their privacy and their sanity to make this record
Kyle Crusham – for jumping into this project and contributing in so many beautiful and artistic ways
Peedy Raskovsky – for graciously allowing me to spend the time to make this record
Olivia Raskovsky –  for social media savvy and sass
Keaton Raskovsky – for beautiful photos and keeping me young
Glen Sheehan – for so much help in making the art work and web site remarkable and representative of the project
Kristi and Alfie Chambers – for Emmie
Arlyn Studios – for graciousness and support
Stephen Hart – for an amazing friendship spanning many decades, amazing ears and a most trusted advisor
All the artists and musicians – for giving so much of their talents and time – I love you all and owe you big time